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Who are you?

I’m Marco Emerson and I’ve spent the last ten years studying this craft.  I’ve honed my skillset in high-energy nightlife with an emphasis on creativity and in-depth music knowledge. I’m a music lover and constantly challenge myself to step outside of the genres in my comfort zone which makes for rough practice sessions, but polished performances.

What's your DJ philosophy?

I approach my sets with an open mind and open format, letting the energy of the room determine the direction of the night. There will always be occasions that require meticulous planning but in general, I believe more in outlines than playlists. Some of the best experiences in my life were spontaneous, so I always leave space for on-the-fly adjustments in my event preparation.

What do you contribute to Spin Society?

Great performers and great businessmen share one key trait:  attention to detail. Although my DJ style leaves portions of the night up to chance, my preparation doesn’t.  My ability to make sure feelings translate into floorplans and timelines gives my team the edge, and the client the results they didn’t even know they wanted.


"DJ Micro"