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Who are you?

I'm Chris Brown, a veteran DJ and co-founder of Spin Society. In 2006, I began my career as a local club and party DJ. Since then, I've enterprised into a highly sought-after entertainer for nightclubs, high end private and corporate events, and of course weddings.

What's your DJ philosophy?

Comfortability is the key to fun. So, my philosophy is simple. Make everyone in my audience feel included. When they hear my music, they should think "This is me!" and the rest will follow. 

What do you contribute to Spin Society?

For me, Spin Society is an amalgamation of everything that I believe in as an entertainer. We create an atmosphere where people feel at home. We pay attention to the large and small details to ensure that we have a clean and unique presentation and a clear vision of how to succesfully manage our events. We stand out with our own idividual styles. And above all else, we keep it professional!


"DJ Chris Brown"